Reducing Costs Through Building Intelligence

The traditional facility optimization approach starts “replacing equipment with an “in-and-out” mentality – with no data to support it.

Our solutions go so much farther.

With our advanced data platforms, we dig deeper than building automation and siloed metering systems to create results for your organization.

Performance Solutions uses the results of these open-protocol, advanced technologies to help justify improvements and take action on low-cost / no-cost operations strategies to reduce deferred maintenance, make needed upgrades and drive savings to your bottom line.

Our approach helps you justify improvements and take action on low-cost / no-cost operations strategies.

Our comprehensive and cost-efficient solutions leverage four steps that result in better, data-driven decisions for your organization.

  1. Use the data from facility systems you currently have.

    We conduct a gap analysis and – where it makes sense – we utilize the data and systems you already have. We make every effort to make this legacy data a living part of your ongoing optimization program.

  2. Provide a platform overlaying current systems.

    This overlay has a force multiplier effect on your current systems by taking real-time performance data and serving it to users in a consistent, practical way.

  3. Provide a window into decision-making data.

    We provide real-time visibility into systems and software so users can actively leverage the data for better decision making. Owners have access to all of the facility management technology investments made across the portfolio.

  4. Find new cost saving opportunities

    We are able to pull valuable data to identify opportunities for efficiencies that are present, but not easy to see without the right information. That detail will also confirm benefits of certain improvements to validate the return of your investment.