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  • Performance Solutions Earns Top Project of the Year Award from Energy Manager Today

    We are thrilled to announced that our Strategic Energy and Maintenance Program with St. Catherine Hospital in Garden City, Kansas received a Top Project of the Year Award in the Energy Manager Today Product & Project Awards. The project was recognized for excellence in improving environmental and energy management while increased the bottom line. One…

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  • Company Policy Habits to Reduce Energy Consumption

    There are endless reasons for a business to concentrate on energy efficiency in the work building. Electricity costs are rising. Customers want the businesses they buy from to be environmentally friendly. A green company culture is desirable from potential employees. However, when it comes down to the brass tacks, many organizations find it difficult to…

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  • Business Operations to Run Your Facility More Efficiently

    Energy use and waste is a popular conversation. Environmental organizations are making more noise, and the government is passing stricter legislation. The average citizen is becoming more conscientious of how much energy they consume and how much energy the businesses from which they buy consume. For a company, becoming more energy efficient is not simply…

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