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  • 3 Tips for Reducing Your Energy Budget

    Energy conservation in your organization could probably use some tightening up. You’ve tried all the methods for reducing your energy budget, but it stubbornly stays at high rates instead of running at full efficiency. An effective method of reducing those costs lies in your greatest asset – your employees. You can implement training for just this purpose….

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  • How to Maximize Building Automation with Employee Training – Part 1

    When it comes to building automation, consistent and comprehensive employee training is one of the best ways to maximize both ROI and performance. Employee training can be divided into three important stages. Stage One – Pre-Training The pre-training process begins when management identifies and agrees on employees’ development needs and organizational goals. The process continues…

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  • Utility Budgeting Tips: Saving Your Business Money

    Utility budgeting is important to save your business money. Most companies spend more on utilities than they do on buying products or marketing and advertising. However, there are a few things that can be done to lower these operational costs. Don’t increase your budgeting percentage based on last year’s utility report alone Instead, gather your…

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