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  • Spring Cleaning Tips for Large Buildings

    After a long winter, spring is a welcome relief to many. For a facility manager, spring is the time for upkeep. Spring cleaning involves maintenance for those parts of a building that require it after a long period of cold weather, especially if it’s been neglected. Spring cleaning is also important for getting ready for…

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  • Problems and Dangers of Outdated Building Operations and Equipment

    Relying on the same building operations and equipment for a very long period can be hugely problematic. Even when they aren’t exhibiting any obvious malfunctions, they might still be costing organizations a lot of money due to inefficiencies or excessive upkeep just to keep them running. With old processes and equipment, organizations won’t be able…

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  • Easy Energy-Efficient Habits for Your Building – Part 2

    This is the second half of our two-part article on workplace energy efficiency. Last time, we discussed how external factors can influence the resource consumption and energy or maintenance expenditures your building may need. Yet, most of the direct ways to alter your power usage happens indoors from internal operations. Consider adding and practicing these…

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